Unleash your team’s creative potential | Setupkit

Unleash your team’s
creative potential.

Software as a service that helps you:
  • Manage projects and tasks
  • Collaborate fast and effortlessly
  • Host your files in cloud

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One platform, deep insights.

Setupkit is packed full of features.

Why us ?

Collaborate fast and effortlessly.

  • Seamless transfer of information and content
  • Time management and deadline performance
  • Speedy completion of project deliverables
  • User-friendliness and interactiveness


Your data is secure.

Rest easy knowing that your team’s data is secured
in a dedicated network and logically separated
into its own SQL schema.


Explore the solutions that helps.

Setupkit solutions can be a perfect fit for almost every work pattern.

Push up your efficinecy

Easy on-demand control of all the project functions and tasks while racing against the project’s constraints such as time, budget and quality. Read more.


The solution was built using Socket.IO and WebRTC API, the same platform Google Docs and Google Hangouts were built upon, thus asserting its virility and resilience. Read more.

Cloud storage

Easy upload unto the cloud server, thereby making it accessible to all team members. Moreover, SetupKit has unlimited file storage capacity for large projects. Read more.

Ticket based process

Setupkit kanban boards make projects run lean by optimizing, scheduling and dividing the projects into easily manageable tasks. Read more.

Record the worked hours

The individual team member’s timesheets would be seamlessly integrated into the project timeline for appropriate analysis and/or billing. Read more.

Collective data source

Forums are utilized in Setupkit to foster innovation, communication and knowledge transfer across the team. Read more.

Coming soon

Integrate with all your apps.

Setupkit works with the tools you already use. Connect to hundreds of your favorite apps and services.

Want to create your online workspace? Read more about subscription-model.

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